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Tai Chi as Self-Defense

Tai Chi originated as a martial art (evolving from qigong), but over the years it has had many misconceptions about its practical use for self-defense and that this form of art is often regarded as a health and fitness exercise. It has indeed been mistaken. Each movement in Tai Chi has a logical combat application. If a correct posture cannot be used, the form is clearly incorrect.

Self-defense requires you to develop skills that is firm, dedicate and persistent. With such practice one’s size, strength and speed can be attained equally in both man and woman. Raw talent and physical strength are less important in Tai Chi as this form of martial art requires yours internals to move simultaneously to achieve it power. The powers you achieve should be effortlessness and tremendous.

Tai Chi is far more than a mode of self-defense. For the past hundreds years groups of elderly Chinese men and women have performed its fluid and graceful movements in parks throughout China as a way to stay vital and healthy. Today, many young people have joined to attains the health benefits that this form of ancient art has brought us.

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