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Tai Chi Chuan

Tai Chi Chuan is the professor of Taoism around 2000 years ago. Chang Son-Feng was the creator of the finest and most effective of the oriental martial arts, “Tai Chi Chuan”, the pride of the Chinese culture. This form of Tai Chi is a relaxing gymnastics which can also be used as a personal defense. Each movement works with equilibrium which allows you blood circulation to its maximum and energy (chi) in the body to develop. Tai Chi Chuan allows the muscles in the body to remain flexible and the respiratory system to remain calm and natural. Tai Chi Chuan coordinates movements which is soft, slow, with great beauty and harmony, obedient to the slow rhythm and continuous cycle of the earth.

There are many essential elements that need to be noted when doing Tai Chi Chuan:

  1. The energy that is on top of the head should be light and sensitive. Hold you head as if you are held by a piece of string from above. Just like a puppet.
  2. Allow your chest to feel hollow and raise your back. Allow the chi to sink to the dan-tien. This is located three finger width below your navel.
  3. Relax and feel loosen at the waist. The changes in full and empty all comes from the waist.
  4. Try to distinguish full and empty.
  5. You should sink and relax the shoulders and drop the elbows.
  6. Your movements should be power by intent and not strength.
  7. Try to combine the upper and lower body as if it is moving as one unit.
  8. When doing Tai Chi Chuan combines the internal and external. The means combining the spirit as well as the physical body.
  9. The movements must be continuous and smooth. Think of it as like a great river flowing without an end. This is known as “silk reeling energy’.
  10. Seek stillness in motion. Your mind should stay calm and relax.

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