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Today's Tai Chi

Today, Tai Chi has spread far and wide beyond China to every part of the world. They are no longer an activity that is confined in parks and village halls. Most towns and cities now have Tai Chi classes in sports or adult learning centers, not to mention at schools, colleges and university. Tai Chi is now also integrated as a teaching media in various arts and therapy organizations. They include drama schools, holiday centers, acupuncture colleges and etc. Tai Chi can now be found anywhere where people are looking for a means of developing relaxation and balance and harmony between body and mind.

Tai Chi can be done anywhere and everywhere:

  • Before, after work, at lunchtime at work or at home
  • Can be done in confine areas
  • Suitable for anyone at all ages
  • Do regularly to maximize benefits
  • Can form a part of a corporate wellness program

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