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What to expect from Tai Chi?

You can learn Tai Chi privately from a qualify Tai Chi instructor. If you cannot find an instructor or you do not have access to classes, you can learn Tai Chi from books and videos. But you should bear in mind that you will not get feedback and valuable instructions from a teacher if you are self coaching. There is no specific clothing required for Tai Chi. Just wear comfortable clothes and footwear that allows to you to move freely around. Tai Chi can be done with or without shoes.

Most Tai Chi session starts off with some sort of mediation to calm the mind, than followed by some warm up exercises to get the blood circulating in the body. Your instructor will teach you to focus on your dan-tien. This is the area three fingers width down below your navel. It is also known as the body’s center of gravity. If you focus you dan-tien it would help you to relax and center yourself. The key element of Tai Chi is deep breathing. It is very important to learn to coordinate your breathing with each movement of TaiChi.

After the warm up session you will be taught a series of slow flowing movements and when preformed together comprise what is known as a “form”. The form reflects the natural world. You would find the moves would have names such as “Grasping the bird’s tail” and “White crane spreads it’s wings”. On average, a set of Tai Chi form would take about 10 minutes, but if you form have 100 all so movements you it could take up to an hour.

Learning TaiChi is not as easy as it looks. It requires the art of demanding focus and unity of the mind, body and spirit. Daily practice is essential for both in improving your technique and in health. Tai Chi should be done on a regular basis and should be done at the same time each day.

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